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Market Analysis

In the world of business, companies go through a series of cycles that include inception, growth and eventually decline. In order to survive, most  small enterprises need to infuse new ideas to reignite market interest in their products. This often implies an expensive R&D Process of trial and error, where companies conduct try to develop new product and services that will hopefully yield a return on their investments.   


This approach works well for large enterprises with ample budgets and resources; however, in the case of small business, where money is tight and added expenditure can be risky, R&D projects can put their businesses in a jeopardy. This is why the best chance for small companies have to succeed at innovation is to develop flexible strategies that limit their commitments and allow them to adjust their objectives.


Having a good understanding of product design, market research and business models, I can help small businesses and start-ups achieve success in innovation by developing strategies that transform their initial ideas into tangible products and services.


  • Exhibits & Displays

  • Websites & E-commerce

  • Video & Digital Media

  • Product Strategies

  • Reports & Presentations

  • Budget & Schedules

  • Market Research

  • Prototypes

  • Human Factors

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Business & Startups

Case Studies


Archive Research / Ottawalks

Catalog for historical documents and archives

Human Factors  / Zamboni Kiosk

Research and analyze data for ergonomic study

Market Research / IFCO

Collect data and analyze market trends

Prototyping / Event Bots

Develop iterations and prototypes

Before any decision about products or services an be made, organizations need to have a good understanding of user needs and wants.
Market Research
Design Concepts
Design Proposals

Product Proposal / Cargo Bike

Product development presentation

Tradeshow Exhibit / Elly Lily

Proposal renderings for corporate tradeshow

Project Plan / CARMA

Implementation plan for short film 

Schedule Logistics / SIFT

Shcedule and logistics for transportation plan

A comprehensive plan or business model are helpful tools to ensure that proposals achieve their intended goals in time and within budget.  
Product Development

Branding & Promotions / Southbound

Presentation content and online promotional material

E-Commerce / Wearable Ceramics

Commerce portal design and development

Marketing Videos / ShapeGrabber

Scripting and shooting of short promotional videos

Traveling Display Trailer / Nortec

Plan and logistics for production of exhibit trailer

Product development requires a process of rapid iterations, to explore alternatives, sharpen concepts and implement practical solutions. 
Product Development
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