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Managing innovation requires a dual approach. On one hand, management implies structure, order and control; however, creativity and new ideas work best in free flow environment of trial and error. Which explains why many government innovation programs struggle at finding the right balance between performance and creativity.


Science and technology initiatives, such as tax credits or research grants, have been used by public service agencies as a way to promote growth of small and medium enterprises. However, the success of these approaches is often hampered by overlapping mandates that result in confusion and frustration for users trying to navigate a complex web of rules and regulations. 


Part of the problem is that government and corporate goals may are not always aligned, resulting in friction and frustration for both parties. This is why my understanding of policy along with knowledge of technology, manufacturing and entrepreneurship can be useful in finding solutions that encourage public investment and help industries develop paths towards commercialization.

Past Clients

National Capital Commission

Heritage Canada

Province of Ontario

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Summer Institute of Film & TV


Sample Projects

Program Evaluation

Policy Analysis

Project Management

Promotional Displays

Automated Kiosks

Museum Exhibits


  • Research Papers

  • Statistical Studies

  • Evaluation Study

  • Project Plans

  • Research Proposals

  • Briefing Notes

  • Tradeshows & Exhibts

  • Automated Kiosks

  • Visual Communications

Case Studies

Evaluation & Research

Research Paper / Biometric Technology

Historical survey of technology and social impacts

Program Evaluation / Innovation Policy

A look at the evolution of policy decisions

Policy Analysis / Airport Security

Paper on security policies and their inpact on individuals

Statistical Analysis / Opinion Survey

Analysis of world survey data on marriage opinions

Collecting and understanding data is essential to develop sound public policy. The cases below show examples of policy related documents.
Evaluation & Research
Policy Proposal
Policy Proposals
Mapping policy issues requires facts and figures but also developing practical strategies to help decision makers chart a course. 

Policy Recommendation / Innovation 

Document used to highlight key policy proposals

Briefing Note / NATO Procurement

Sample document to be used at press conferences

Research Proposal / Qualitative Study

Qualitative study proposal related to military attitudes

Project Proposal / Water Purification

Concept work for a public service initiative

Program Deveopment
Program Development
Ensuring that policies are put into action requires good knowledge of schedules, budgets, and tasks to track both progress and outcomes.

Exhibit Space / CIO Federal Program

Develop exhibit program and traveling showcase

Automated Kiosk / Heritage Canada

Educational kiosk to promote departmental objectives

Custom Displays / DND 

Manage logistics and development of exhibit space

Conference Portal / CAPPA

Automated registration site for conference registration

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