& Analysis

Having the right idea at the right time is essential for innovation to occur. Applying my experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods, I can assist clients to explore ideas, analyze social trends and track changes in market attitudes and behaviour.

experience in:
  • Policy Analysis

  • Risk Scenarios

  • Program Evaluation

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Qualitative Research

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Market Research

  • Value Mapping

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

Policy Research

Policy Analysis

Risk Scenarios
Program Evaluation

The key role of policy analysis is to evaluate the effectiveness and context of policy altenatives. My work includes science & technology policy as well as municipal affairs, economic development and innovation strategies

Risk scenarios are an important element of policy development since they identify potential hurdles & mitigate unintented outcomes. 

Evaluation asks whether the outputs of a program are achieving a desired outcome measuring benchmarks, performance indicators and the effectiveness of tasks and activities. 

Innovation Policy

Municipal Planning

Security & Defence Issues

Scenario Evaluation

Probability Matrix

Mitigation Plan

Performance Indicators

Measure Effectiveness

Define Objectives

Briefing Note
Briefing Note

This document is an example of a question period note which is prepared to inform ministers on important issues of the day that might come up in parliamentary debates.

Airport Security Policy
Airport Security Policy

The mobile nature of air travel, added cost and privacy concerns place limits on the types of security measures that the general public and administrators will accept. The objective of this paper is to analyze some of the issues related to security at airports, with particular attention to the policy of behavioral profiling.

Network Analysis
Network Analysis

This sample network mark shows the relationship between project tasks and timelines in order to understand the effectiveness of resource allocations

Research Work

Statistical Analysis
Qualitative Research

Accuracy Studies

Using 3D CAD software, I can evaluate physical properties and dimensional accuracy of parts by scanning them and comparing it to an existing CAD model.

Using statistical tools, I can asses the validity and reliability of research questions and generate technical reports and presentations for a non-technical audience.

Through the design of iterviews, surveys and focus groups I can help clients to better understand social trends, political attitudes and consumer behaviour.

Correlation Studies

Validity & Reliability

Regression Analysis

Survey Design

Interview Strategy

Public Consultations

CAD to Scan Evaluation

Gauge R&R Studies

3D Measurements

Statistical Study
Statistical Study

The purpose of this study was to look at a range of attitudes and opinions related to marriage by three sample groups. The purpose was to see how cultural variables influence opinions by testing statistical correlation of data sets.

Qualitative Proposal
Qualitative Proposal

The objective of this research proposal is to answer questions as to why minorities in Canada are less likely to choose a career in the Canadian Forces. The report outlines the reasoning and methodology to conduct a series of interviews that will shed light on critical issues.

Accuracy Report
Accuracy Report

One of the key applications of 3D scanning is to inspect production parts for quality control. As an application specialist I developed best practices and procedures to capture point-clouds and compare the datasets to existing CAD models. I can then use 3D analysis software to generate dimensional color maps, cross sections and GD&T measurements.

Design & Manufacturing
Design & Manufacturing

Media & Communications
Media & Communications

Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis

Design & Manufacturing
Design & Manufacturing

I help organizations by:

Evaluating the effectiveness of stategies and innovation development policies

Advancing product development through  reverse engineering & 3D CAD applications.

Using web tools and e-marketing to improve the media reach of small organizations

Enhancing the capacity of startups to commercialize ideas and products.

Designing visual  media and displays to boost sales and promote events.

Market Analysis

Market Research

Value Analysis

Using research data and case studies, I can put together market research reports for management and sales teams to understand use cycles and changes in consumer attitudes or behavior.

Understanding stakeholder values can be useful in identyfying prevailing attitudes and perceptions towards political events, social trends and stakeholder values that can form the base of a negotiation strategy.

This type of analysis can help decison makers to evaluate a set of similar options in order to uncover an optimal solution that form part of a larger policy objective.

Case Analysis

Historical Profiles

Indutry Trends

Political Analysis

Consumer Values

Negotiation Roadmap

Quanify Cost & Benefit 

Value Asssment 

Economic Modeling

Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan

As a member of the Independent Film Co-Operative of Ottawa (IFCO) I prepared a marketing strategy meant to increase media reach for the annual film screening event.

Socio - Political Analysis
Socio - Political Analysis

This paper discusses the historical precedents, social impacts and potential issues that arise from the use of biometric technology to track personal information by government agencies.

Cost Benefit Analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis