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Carleton University

Texas A&M 

Yale University

Univ. of Alberta

Univ. of Manitoba

Sample Projects

3D Scanning

Site Surveys

Research Proposals

Conference Planning

Online Portals

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Qualitative Research

  • Accuracy Studies

Research work is not always as glamorous as portrayed in the latest TV drama, where the answers are found in a sudden flash of insight, justice or fate. However, in reality, research is not unlike trying to put together a puzzle in the dark. Progress is a slow and risky endeavor requiring adherence to a methodological path that is fraught with false assumptions, long hours and dead ends.


If that wasn’t hard enough, researchers also need to administer staff, write reports, find new funding sources and present their findings to their peers and the public at large. Which is why institutions focus their attention on project management, experiment design and statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.


While facts and figures are essential aspects of their work, what is often overlooked is the need to clearly communicate the impact and importance of research findings. I can help organizations to succeed by developing report and policy proposals to get their messages across to a broader audience and persuade funding agencies to continue supporting their work.

  • Procurement Plan

  • Budget & Schedules

  • Request for Proposal

  • 3D CAD Models

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Production Drawings

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Case Studies

Performance Metrics
Research work needs a good understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods to collect  data, find patterns and uncover hidden relationships.  

3D Site Survey / Ville du Quebec

Collecting 3D data for an archeological survey

Geomapping  / Univ. Lethbridge AB.

Train researchers 3D modeling uses and applications

Use Cycle Analysis / OC Transpo

Qualitative research to uncover user interaction

Biomedical Analysis  / Medical Parts

3D modeling and measurement of organic surfaces

Performance Metrics
Design Proposals 
Managing projects successfully requires mapping of risks scenarios, developing flexible contingency plans and viable alternatives. 

Implementation Plan / Site Expansion

Sample plan for building and renovation project

Engineering Package / Hydro Quebec

Engineering production and assembly drawings 

Production Drawings / Expographiq

Production Drawings and cross section

Concept Renderings / Emergency Mask

Concept rendering and product illustration

Planning & Design
Project Management
Tracking of production standards tolerances and measurements ensures that products achieve their intended applications

Inspection Reports / ShapeGrabber

Automated 3D part measurement and inspection 

Archival Scanning  / YALE Univ.

3D digital archive for artifact collection

Online Classroom / Carleton Univ.

Online portal and content to teach CAD applicatons 

Reverse Engineering / Metal Brackets

Surface and parametric CAD models from scan data

Project Management
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