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Research is not as glamorous as what is often portrayed on TV shows. Instead of solving mysteries in a neat one hour format, actual research is often a time consuming and frustrating endeavor, a bit like trying to put together a puzzle in the dark. Projects operate under a cloud of uncertainty where one pathway may lead to amazing new discoveries, and another will end up as a dead end. There are also the long hours designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data, not to mention the mountains of administrative work needed to put together proposals, prepare lectures and arrange travel schedules. 


I can asssist researchers by designing qualitative and quantitative studies and implementing experiment, calibrating data collecting equipment, collecting samples and analyzing results using statistical software.  After that, my experience in communications can prove valuable in generating visual presentations, technical reports and research proposals that will impress sponsors and help to diffuse their experise to a wider audience.

Past Clients

Carleton University

University of West Indies

Yale University

University of Lethbridge

University of Winnipeg

Texas A&M

Sample Projects
Academic Institutions & Think Tanks
Past Clients

Engineers without Borders

Canadian Museum of Civilization

CAPPA Conference

Summer Institute of Film & TV

Sample Projects
NGOs  & Academic Organizations

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) play an important role in the political process by engaging the public and government to promote a cause or issue on behalf of their members. One of the main obstacles that these groups face is the ability to create widespead public awareness with a limited budget. This means that most NGOs need to develop effective business and communication strategies that will enable them to leverage their funding to proreachmote their objectives.


I can assist NGOs to fine tune their policy proposals and grant application by creating strategies that will increase their media footprint through a combination of communication skills and policy knowledge to develop content that will effectively convey their message for professional presentations, parliamentary committees, or municipal hearings.

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