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Strategy Development

In order to achieve growth, organizations need to adopt innovative strategies to come up with new products and ideas. My experience in ressearch, politics and technical issues can be used to design and evaluate organizational strategies.

experience in:
  • Policy Proposals

  • Policy Implementation

  • Communications Plan

  • Procurement Plan

  • Budget & Schedules

  • Resource Management

  • Innovation Strategies

  • Product Development

  • Business Models

Policy Development

Policy Proposals

Policy Implementation 

Communications Plan

My experience in policy analysis can be used to craft recomendations, briefing notes and white papers that evaluate the pros and cos of complex issues.

I can develop a communications strategy that targets a specific audience using web tools to leverage reach the media reach of small organizations. 

I have experience creating contingency and implemetation plans that take into account risks and mitigation strategies.

White Papers on Policy 

Briefing Notes & Press Release

Ministerial Recomendations

Implementation Plan

Mitigation Strategy

Performance Evaluation

Communications Plan

Press Releases

Online Marketing Strategy

Policy Development

Project Management

Procurement Plan
Budget & Schedules
Resource Management

Planning the logistics of corporate events requires knowledge of space planning, staff managment and portable displays to create networking environments.

As part of the plannig process, I can develop contract documents and design request for proposals and procurement plans to outsource tasks.

Applying project management principles, I can organize resources into project plans, schedules and budgets to achieve a set of objectives within a given timeframe.

Request for Proposals

Contract Outlines

Cost Tracking

Budget & Schedules

GANTT Charts

Task Breackdown

Corporate Banquets

Industry Tradeshows

Volunteer Management

Project Management

Business Strategies

Innovation Strategy

Product Development
Buisiness Model Generation

A large portion of my career has focused on the study of policy and  innovation systems. My experience includes 30+ R&D proijects guiding products from the initial experimental to comercialization.

Combining knowledge of  mass production along with experience with  production teams allows me to give advise on manufacturing strategies to guide projects troughout their life cycle.

Buisiness models allow companies to generate and understand their value propositions. Using the BMC, I can help clients to analyze key resources and activities in their organizations

Comercialization Plans

Innovation Systems

Regulatory Impact 

Mass Production Evaluation

Quality & Performance Testing

Life Cycle Analsysis

Assess Value Propositions

Key Resources & Activities

Test and Pivot Ideas

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